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Little Lily Nap Blanket

Hello friends! Baby blankets are always fun to work with, for it's a medium size project. It is a blanket, though it is done in a relatively short time, especially when I choose a straight forward pattern, and not granny squares type that needs many phases to finish. 
My new post is a baby blanket, which I crocheted using a multicoloured baby yarn that I found in a popular bazaar in Erbil (which is, by the way, a very beautiful city). It's easy to make, as I wrote the chosen pattern and designed a matching simple edging.


Lady Cool Shawl

Hello friends, it's been a while! I took a break and travelled back to my home country. I'm back now and I am very eager to post my new designs. I hope you all had a relaxing summer vacation!

I love knitting ribs patterns, so I was fascinated with the right diagonal ribs pattern the second I saw it on Pinterest. But when the lateral braid pattern came across my eyes, a sparkle lit up, and so I combined both in one shawl. 

At first, I couldn't decide the difficulty level of this shawl, because working both patterns requires that you are familiar with keeping stitches in needles and knitting them more than once before dropping them. I finally settled with 'intermediate'. I think that reading the instructions carefully, and watching the videos that I linked above will help you with any difficulties you may face. I'm sure knitters of the intermediate level will be able to make this shawl.