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Rose Pop Scarf

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. My new project is a very, very simple one, still elegant and lovely colored, due to the three pink shades in it. Have fun knitting it in one day.


Bernat pop; 5 oz/ 140 g, 280 yds/ 256 m approx.
lipstick on your collar 84002,  2 balls.
Size U.S. 10 (6 mm) knitting needles.
Tapestry needle
stitch marker

530-540 yds/ 485-495 m approx.

level: easy

knitting Terms 
k = knit
yo = yarn over
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together.
k2togtbl = knit 2 stitches together through back loop.

75" (190 cm) tip to tip long x 10" (25 cm) wide, approx.

15 sts x 27 rows = 4"x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm)
in Garter Pattern

The first color yarn length in the Bernat Pop ball you start with, should be 3/4 of the rest of the colors, to have a square block color at the beginning of the scarf. If you have more, you can cut the yarn. 

Cast on 3 sts
Row 1:k.
Row 2: k 1, yo, k 1(mark this center stitch), yo, k1.
Row 3: k.
Row 4: k  to center …

Wedges Round Cape

Hello, hope you all have nice and warm indoor days. I've been living in Amman, Jordan, for more than a decade, and here, there aren't many choices of yarn. So when I found DMC yarn in my neighbourhood's main commercial street, I bought it at once.
I love the violet and light yellow combination, and since I wanted to make a project using a pattern that includes short rows method, here is what I've made, hope you like it. 


DMC, Knitty Extra Value 10; 3.5 oz/ 100 g, 90 yds/ 82 m approx.
100% acrylic.
Violet, 884 (A).
Light Yellow, 993 (B).

Size Color (A) Color (B) Yardage 36-38 3 Skeins Skein 330-335 yds / 300-305 m approx. 40-42 Skeins Skein 350-355 yds / 315-320 m approx. 44-46 Skeins Skeins 370-375 yds / 335-340 m approx.
Size U.S. 15 (10 mm) knitting needles.
Tapestry needle.
18" /46 cm open- ended zipper, T5 6mm, (I bought two zippers plastic moulded, matching the yarns' colors, and used one piece of each).<