Dragon Tail Shawl

Hi friends, my year ended joyfully, because I've finally received my parcel of Bernat Pop yarn after long weeks of waiting. I made this shawl very quickly, because I was eager to see how easy the work can proceed as all Bernat yarn knitters say, and I enjoyed every second. I hope you all like what I've designed, you'll find it's really easy after learning how to knit five stitches into the yarn over of the previous row.

Skill level: Intermediate

GET printable PDF for this pattern here.


  • Yarn: Bernat pop, 5 oz (140 g), 280 yards (256 m), in the color "Moonshadow" 84008: 2 skeins.
  • Circular knitting needle, 36" (90 cm) long, size US 10 (6 mm).
  • Tapestry needle.

Measurements: 47.5" (121 cm) long x 26" (66 cm) deep.

Yardage: 540 - 550 yards (490 - 500 m).

Gauge: 15 sts and 27 rows = 4"x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm) in garter pattern.

knitting Terms:

  • st: stitch.
  • sts: stitches.
  • k: knit
  • p: purl
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • yo: yarn over
  • ssk: slip, slip, knit the 2 sts together through back loops.
  • sssk: slip, slip, slip, knit the 3 sts together through back loops.
  • k5fo: make 5 stitches out of one stitch: k1, p 1, k1, p 1, k 1 into the same yo of the previous row.

  • I wanted the color stripes to be in a certain sequence, so I started knitting the first Bernat pop skein from the inside out, but with the second one I started from the outside in. I also cut out the gray portion of yarn from the second skein, because I didn't like the color.
  • To make sure the scales rows (Dragon tail Pattern 2) are knitted in one color, I cut out the few yards/meters remaining of the previous color once I reached that part. 


Cast on 4 sts, then work as follows: 

Row 1: k 2, p 2.

Row 2: sl st, k 1, yo, k1, yo, k 1.

Row 3: k 1, k5fo, k 2, bring yarn to front, sl st, p 1.

Row 4: sl st, k 1, yo, k 8.

Row 5: k 9, bring yarn to front, sl st, p 1.

Row 6: sl st, k 1, yo, k 9.

Row 7: k 10, bring yarn to front, sl st, p 1.

Row 8: sl st, k 1, yo, k 10.

Row 9: cast off 5 sts, (which means 5 sts decrease out of k 6), k 5, bring yarn to front, sl st, p 1.

Work rows (2- 9) once as the first scale of the (Dragon tail pattern), then work as follows:

Dragon tail Pattern 1:

Row 1: sl st, k 1, yo, k to last st, yo, k 1.

Row 2: k 1, k5fo, k to last 2 sts, bring yarn to front, sl st, p 1.

Row 3: sl st, k, yo, k to end.

Row 4: k to last 2 sts, bring yarn front, sl st, p 1.

Row 5: repeat row 3.

Row 6: repeat row 4

Row 7: repeat row 3

Row 8: cast off 5 sts, (5 sts decrease out of k 6), k to last 2 sts, bring yarn to front, sl st, p 1.

Repeat the pattern rows (1- 8) thirty more time (in this step you can control the final size of the shawl; repeat these eight rows as many times as you want until you reach the size that you desire. Keep in mind that you might need more yarn, so plan ahead).

Repeat row 1 one more time before starting to work Dragon tail pattern 2.

Dragon tail Pattern 2:

Row 1: k 1, k5fo, ssk, turn.

Row 2: k 7, turn.

Row 3: k 6, ssk, turn.

Row 4: repeat row 2.

Row 5: repeat row 3.

Row 6: repeat row 2.

Row 7: cast off 5 sts, (5 sts decrease out of k 6), sssk, turn.

Row 8: k 1, yo, k1, turn.

Repeat rows (1- 8) twenty-four more times, repeat rows (1- 7) one more time, work last row:

Last row: cast off first 6 stitches one by one, sssk last remaining sts.

Weave in loose ends.

Lastly, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or find something confusing in the pattern.

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  1. What do you mean "turn yarn forward"? We don't understand that. Must be a translation from --?
    "k5fo = knit 5 stitches into one stitch:" -- I think you got that backwards. It should be knit one stitch into five.... or make 5 out off one stitch.

    1. Hi Yvonne
      Thank you for your comments. The mistakes are corrected.
      Please, inform me when you find more. Mind my English, It's not my native language.
      Have a nice day

  2. Hello! I am on the last scale- there is no number 1 and I do not have enough stitches to do number 4, etc. I am on number 2 with 7 stitches. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Confusef
      I am happy you are knitting this shawl. If you have made 25 scales in the second part of the shawl, the number of sts left should be enough for the last scale, and after knitting the last 7 rows, you must end up having 9 sts before casting off all of them. I've corrected the last paragraph.
      please check your sts number and let me know what happens with you.

      Have a nice knitting day


  3. Hello- I love your beautiful shawl, particularly your excellent color changing.
    Would you consider telling me how you change colors? You are clearly a "pro" at it! Thank you so much.
    Best wishes,

  4. Thank you Beth for you nice words. I don't deserve them really because the colors changing is in the yarn itself. Bernat pop has this specialty. So you can buy any Bernat pop, which has a variety of colors changes and make this shawl. It is easy and fun to make. Here is the link to the one I used: https://www.yarnspirations.com/row-en/bernat-pop%21-yarn/164184.html

  5. Hi! I am stuck at the beginning of the Dragon Tail shawl. Do I start with the general pattern or with Dragon Tail pattern 1? The instructions for the general pattern appear first but this sentence makes me think Inam supposed to start with dragon tail pattern 1:

    Work rows (1-8) once as the First Scale of the (Dragon Tail Pattern), then work the general pattern:



    1. Hi back, the general pattern IS the Dragon Tail Pattern 1. Any way, I've removed the (general pattern) and you can keep on knitting safely.
      Have a nice and healthy day