Snow Queen Braid Shawl

Hello everyone! I'm back again with another knitting project using Bernat Pop. Working with this yarn is always fun, its fluffiness and shiny colors made the knitting process go smoothly and I found myself finishing this shawl in a timely manner. It's been a while since I've made a classic triangular shawl, because I've spent almost a year focusing on asymmetrical shawl designs. It was a successful period for me that included projects like "A Walk Through The Sky Shawlette" and "Wrap Me In Sunshine Shawl", among others. As for this shawl, it is a simple, yet tricky design. The first part, the main piece/body, is straight up knitting which you can make in no time. The second part is where the challenge lies; attaching the braid cable that gives the shawl (with the tassels) its distinctive look. I really hope you give making it a try, and I am sure you will love knitting it. Stay safe and healthy!

Skill level: Intermediate


  • Yarn: Bernat pop, 5 oz. (140 g), 280 yards (256 m) approx. 100% acrylic, in the color 'Snow Queen' (84013): 3 skeins.
  • Circular knitting needles, 40" (100 cm) long, Size US 10 (6 mm).
  • Knitting needles, Size US 10 (6 mm).
  • Tapestry needle.
  • Stitch marker.
  • Stitch holder.

Yardage: 745 - 750 yards (680 - 685 m), approx.

Measurements: Width = 61" (155 cm), Height = 30" (75 cm) approx.

Gauge:15 sts x 27 rows = 4"x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm) in Garter stitch.

Knitting Terms: 
  • st = stitch.
  • sts = stitches.
  • = knit.
  • = purl.
  • yo = yarn over.
  • k2tog = k 2 stitches together.
  • ssk = slip next 2 sts knitwise, then knit them together through back loops.


Notes: the first skein I used began with a few yards of one color, so I cut that and started knitting from the next color in the skein to get equal stripes of each color. I also kept the same color sequence when I started to knit the next skein, and so on.

With circular knitting needles, cast on 3 sts, knit 7 rows, turn work 90 degrees clockwise, pick up 1 st out of each purl row side (3 sts in total), turn work 90 degrees clockwise again, pick up 3 sts from bottom. (9 sts)

You can also watch this video tutorial to learn how to do this type of cast on:

Row 1 (wrong side): k all sts.

Row 2: k 3, yo, k 1, yo, k 1 (put here a stitch marker, this is the center st), yo, k 1, yo, k 3. (13 sts)

Row 3: repeat row 1.

Row 4: k3, yo, k to center st , yo, k the center st, yo, k to last 3 sts, yo, k 3.

Row 5: repeat row 1.

Repeat rows 4-5 until you have 140 sts on each side of the center st (281 sts in total), cut  6" (15 cm) yarn, don't cast off.

Braid Cable:

With the straight knitting needles, cast on 2 sts. Work as follows:

Note: always purl the yo in a twisted way to avoid getting a hole.

Row 1: p all sts.

Row 2: k 1, m 1, k 1, m 1. (4 sts)

Row 3: repeat row 1

Row 4: sl st, yo, k 2, yo, k 1. (6 sts)

Row 5: sl st purlwise, purl to end.

Row 6: sl st, yo, k 4, yo, k 1. (8 sts)

Row 7: repeat row 5

Row 8: sl st, yo, k 6, yo, k 1. (10 sts)

Row 9: repeat row 5.

Row 10: sl st, yo, k 8, yo, k 1. (12 sts)

Row 11: repeat row 5.

Row 12: k all sts.

Attaching the braid cable to the shawl:

Row 13 (wrong side): p to last st, p the last st of the braid cable and the first st of the shawl from wrong side together, turn.

Note: from now one, you will be using one straight needle, and one side of the circular needles.

Row 14: slip the first 4 sts into a stitch holder in front, k 4, slip the 4 sts back to left needle and k them, k 4.

Row 15: p 11 sts, p2tog, turn. 

Note: p2tog are the last st of  the braid cable and the next st from the main piece, (this applies to every even number row).

Row 16: k to end.

Row 17: p 11, p2tog, turn.

Row 18: k 4, slip 4 sts into the st holder in back, k 4, slip the 4 sts back to left needle and knit them.

Row 19: p 11, p2tog, turn.

Row 20: k to end.

Row 21: p 11, p2tog, turn.

Repeat rows 14-21 of the attached braid cable pattern until you reach the the center stitch of the shawl and row 21 of the braid cable pattern. before working row 21, work the following short rows to shape the bottom tip of the shawl:

Row 1: p 10, put yarn to back, slip stitch, bring yarn  back to front, slip the stitch back to left needle, turn.

Row 2: k to end.

Row 3: p 8, put yarn to back, slip stitch, bring yarn back to front, slip the stitch back to left needle, turn.

Row 4: k to end.

Row 5: p 6, put yarn to back, slip stitch, bring yarn back to front, slip the stitch back to left needle, turn.

Row 6: k to end.

Row 7: p 4, put yarn to back, slip stitch, bring yarn back to front, slip the stitch back to left needle, turn.

Row 8: k to end.

Row 9: p 2, put yarn to back, slip stitch, bring yarn back to front, slip the stitch back to left needle, turn.

Row 10: k all 12 sts.

Then work row 21.

Repeat rows 14-21 of the attached braid pattern to end of the shawl and finishing the row 21 pattern.

Last rows of the braids cable:

Row 1: k to end.

Row 2: p to end.

Row 3: ssk, k to last 2 sts, k2tog.

Row 4: p to end.

Repeat Rows 3-4 to last 2 sts, k2tog, cut yarn, make two tassels with matching yarn color for every braid cable end. Weave in loose ends.

Lastly, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or find something confusing in the pattern.

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  1. In your instruction you say to remove the first color to get a complete stripe with second color. Do you knit from the middle of the yarn or the outside of the skein?

    1. Hi Ramblin' Rose
      It doesn't matter where to start. Once you prefer the sequence of colors from outer yarn or inner, get going.
      In this design I've started knitting from the outside end of each skein.
      Have a nice and safe day.

    2. Thank you. After thinking it through i realized i can put it on my paper towel holder and work from outside in. I am looking forward to making this.

  2. I knit my shawl until i got to the braid. I discovered a mistake in the center back and apparently added a stitch on one edge. I had no trouble knitting the 3 stitches and picking up the 3 along each side the first time. Now that i ripped it out and started over i can’t for the life of me pick up the stitches along the edge and get a smooth look. Do you have a video or pictures showing how to do this? Thank you.

    1. Hi
      Thank you for choosing this pattern. I didn't quite understand what the problem is, But if there were just one stitch added on one edge, you could fix this very easily by just do a k2tog once. This would not affect the overall look.
      What did you exactly rip?