Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Vice Versa Shawl

Hi everyone, if you are looking for an easy, nice looking shawl, this is the pattern for you.

Just read the instructions well before you start, choose two skeins in the colors of your choice, and start knitting!


Length (triangle horizon): 21.5 inch / 55 cm.

Width (triangle hypotenuse): 45 inch / 115 cm


Yarn: Nako Baby (luks minnos) 100 g / 3.53 Oz, 336 mt / 367 yds, 50% polyamide, 50% acrylic.
Colors: hay yellow 215 (1 skein), light beige 6690 (1 skein).
Needles: 4 mm/ 6 US.
Circular Needles: 4 mm/ 6 US, 100 cm/ 40 inch length.

27 sts in 33 rounds 10X10 cm 4X4 inch.

Intermediate level

Knitting terms used in pattern
K: knit
P: purl
Yo: yarn over
K2tog: knit 2 stitches together

Making the shawl

  • Note 1: this shawl is started at the center top and worked down. 
  • Note 2: in each row, half of the sts is worked in one color and the other half in the other color.
  • Note 3: make sure to switch the yarns across in the middle of the rows to avoid making agap along the center line.
  • Note 4: The rows are written between brackets for each color.

Cast on five stitches from yellow yarn, then five stitches from beige yarn.

Row 2: k the 5 sts in beige, k 5 sts in yellow.

Row 3: (k 3, yo, k 1, yo, k 1) in yellow, (k 1, yo, k 1, yo, k 3) in beige.

Row 4 and all even number rows: k all sts in beige, k all sts in yellow.

Row 5: (k 3, yo, k 3, yo, k 1) in yellow, (k 1, yo, k 3, yo, k 3) in beige.

Row 7: (k 3, yo, k to last st, yo, k 1) in yellow, (k 1, yo, k to last 3 sts, yo, k 3) in beige.

Repeat row 7 and every even number row 12 times, then repeat row 7 one more time.

Making the eyelet rows pattern

Work the next row as follow:
  • (P all sts) in beige, (p all sts) in yellow. 

  • (k 3, yo, *k2tog, yo, repeat from * to last 2 sts: k 1, yo, k 1) in yellow, (k 1, yo, k 1, *yo k2tog, repeat from * to last 3 sts: yo, k 3) in beige.
  • (k all sts) in beige, (k all sts) in yellow.

Making the second color stripes
Cut both yarns and exchange them in binding on positions. The beige yarn instead of yellow yarn and vice versa.

Repeat row 7 and even number row 15 times, then repeat row 7 one more time. Repeat the eyelet rows pattern.

after you work five of the alternate stripes, cut the yarns, weave in the threads, make 2 pompoms using the two colors, bind them to each end of the shawl.

This shawl pattern was featured on AllFreeKnitting's collection of 11 Elegant Knit Triangle Shawl Patterns.


  1. On the last line of the pattern, it says Repeat this this more times, cut the yarns... How many more times is that?

    1. Thank you for your comment, I've changed the line into more understandable one, I hope.
      Please, don't hesitate to ask about any other unclear instructions.
      have a nice day

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