Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day Light Colors Scarf and Hat

Hi friends, I was looking for a pattern of scarf online one day, when my eyes fell in love with a scarf knitted with multicoloured yarn by Hither and Yarn. It looked very complex at first, but when I read all the instructions, it was so easy that I started knitting it immediately, but with my own choice of yarn , and it turned out to be very nice. Of course I changed the number of stitches to match with my yarn and used needles suitable for it, and for width I preferred for the scarf. the braid knitted scarf has to have a maximum number of stitches that can be divided by three, so mine has 48 stitches. 

The yarn I used is Nako Baby Lollipop 100% premium acrylic 100 g/ 230 m (2 Skeins) in colour 80439, and Alize Happy Baby 65% acrylic 35% polyamide 100 g /350 m in colour white 55 and yellow 187 for the crochet edging. Knitting needles 3.5 mm/ 4 US, Crochet hook 3.5 mm / 4 US.

The Scarf

When I finished it, another sparkle ignited in my mind. Why not make a crochet border, because the edges seemed not very neat.

I took a single coloured yarn (which was white as you can see) and made a double crochet at each knitted row, three dc at each corner, it looked so jammed, so I undid all the work, after two or three trials, the best thing I got was dc at each alternate knitting row and four dc at each corner. I also crocheted a two colour chain edging row using white and yellow yarn, and this what came out, hope you like it. It’s for my daughters by the way.

The Hat:

Then I became ambitious, why not make a hat too, so I started knitting the same way and reached the same width (48 stitches), about sixty cm long to fit my daughter"s head circumference.After I finished it, the seams looked so silly. I thought a little, why not make a provisional cast on and enter the pattern far from the beginning, and so it was and when I reached the desired length, I just joined the two seams with Kitchener stitch and here you see, a very beautiful band.

A band, no I wanted to make a hat. So I made a round cover at the top and a nice edging at the bottom. I started picking up stitches from every alternate row edge of the band with a circular needles, and knitted in rounds, decreasing stitches alternately each row, unfortunately it turned out to be ugly, (wait a little more, be patient I almost finished), another trial won’t hurt, another day maybe.

Making the top cover of the hat:

1st row: with white yarn, start a provisional cast on, making 18 sts (one third of total number of the band stitches 16 sts+ 2 sts). Knit a row.

Attach it with the edge of the first knitted row of the band by making a stitch with a crochet hook, and slip it to the needle. (19 st total).

2nd row: 2ktog, k to the last 2 sts, turn thread forward, slip one of the remaining two stitches to the right needle, turn thread backward, turn work.(18 sts, 16 knitted only).

3rd row: slip stitch (the slipped one in 2nd row), turn thread backward, k to the end of the row, make an attached stitch using the crochet hook, and slip it to the needle. (19 st total).

4th row: 2ktog, k to the last 3 sts, turn thread forward slip stitch, to the right needle, turn thread backward, turn work.(18 sts, 15 knitted only).

Repeat the 3rd and 4th rows but by decreasing the knitted stitches each even number row, (this technique is called short rows knitting), until you have only the last stitch to knit, and after you make the attachment stitch with the crochet hook. turn and work as follows:

2ktog, pick the thread that is around the last slipped stitch and knit the two together (the thread and the slipped stitch), repeat to the last slipped stitch, k the last stitch. By now you have finished one wedge of the top cover of the hat, repeat the work as much as need depending on your hat size (mine has five wedges).

When all wedges are finished, you will need to do one more Kitchener stitch to seam the last opening in the cover. Make the same crochet edging at the bottom of the hat as the scarf. I made three pompoms and attached them at the top of the hat. just look at them, I hope they will look as nice as mine. 

Enjoy knitting and crocheting this project beside the fire place in your warm home.