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Beaded Baby Booties

Hi friends! it's been a long time since I've posted, but from now on I'll be posting every item I make, talk about the experiment even if it's not new, and write notes about my own version and touches I add.

In this post, I'll present my version of the 3 Bees: Beaded Baby Booties. Watching videos on YouTube of Turkish tutorials, I've fallen in love with them, and made my own version, making sure to their design is as simple as possible. I hope you will find them easy to crochet too.

All you need is yarn, a suitable hook, stitch markers and lots of beads. I used:
Yarn: Alize cotton club yarn (55% cotton). US D/3 (3 mm) crochet hook.About 250 colored small beads.Measurements:Sole length is 10 cm so it fits a 9-12 months old baby.

Each booty is worked from center line of sole in rounds up to the last row continuously.Before you start, insert half number of beads into the yarn using either a needle or a small size hook, or by using a needle threader (a…